Stamco Industries, Inc. has the knowledge, equipment and personnel to specialize in heavy gage stampings. Capabilities include a 3000-Ton press which is designed to use either transfer or progressive tooling. Stamco currently produces parts from a wide variety of materials, with thicknesses that range from .025" to .750".

     Our company is based on the concept of TEAMWORK. This team concept was established with the original 7 employees of Stamco. This initial “team” completed any tasks required to produce quality metal formed parts within the required delivery timeframe. They would load and unload trucks, run the presses, answer the phones, whatever was needed to keep the customer happy, and we still follow these guidelines today.

    Each team is then responsible for their assigned customers, making sure that Customer Satisfaction is their number one goal. All customer contacts are given directly to the team leader, giving our customers the most up to date information available. By talking directly to the responsible parties, our customers enjoy the latest information available and our people understand the urgency of our customer’s needs. 
    Stamco has been known for their high-level of quality since the company was started in 1983, while keeping pace with the industry requirements for quality systems. Since 1998, Stamco’s Management System has been audited and found compliant to the strictest industry standards. Currently Stamco is certified to ISO9001:2008.

    The latest in Statistical Process Control systems enables our quality assurance specialists to validate measurements, and confirm compliance to the required specifications. Our systems allow us to maintain records of PPAP, ISIR Samples, and production history records.
Over the years Stamco has received numerous quality awards from many of the largest manufacturer’s in North America, along with accreditation from their peers.

Recently, Stamco was awarded the “Excellence in Quality Assurance” Award by the Precision Metalforming Association. 

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